ILT Provides Customs Pilot Base For Overtime Cargo

ILT Provides Customs Pilot Base For Overtime Cargo

THE Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, may have commenced the evacuation of overtime cargo from some of the seaports terminals in Lagos, with about 800 containers of such cargo already delivered at the Ikorodu Lighter Terminal, ILT, converted into a warehouse.

Vanguard Maritime Report learnt that the development believed to have taken place just about two weeks ago; even as authoritative sources stated that the evacuation includes the transfer of about one thousand overtime vehicles.

The consignments are said to be presently occupying one side of the ILT with the other side serving as both transit operational area for in-borne containers, and exports and empty containers delivered by barges and tugboats.

Further findings revealed that the ILT is already full to capacity, added to thousands of other, apparently undocumented containers, that littered and defaced the once-bustling terminal. While some of the affected containers are still holding sundry items that have gone bad over the years, others are reportedly empty, weak, expired and unsuitable for further use as import or export containers.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper, June 10, 2020

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