Container Ship Rammed Into Pier, Manila UPDATE VIDEO

Container Ship Rammed Into Pier, Manila UPDATE VIDEO

UPDATE: Ship’s fore starboard hull was severely damaged, a gash or a breach on a waterline level, several meters long and at least meter high, judging from video sent by No doubt, portside was also damaged, extent yet unknown. In fact, the ship remained stuck in pier for quite some time after accident. Maybe there were technical problems of taking her out, or maybe, it was decided first, to patch, at least partially, huge breach.

Container ship OCEAN ABUNDANCE rammed into Pier 2 of North Harbor, Manila, early in the morning Aug 10, while maneuvering to berth. Engine reverse control malfunction is thought to be the cause of an accident. Pier is severely damaged, container ship bow, undoubtedly, is also damaged, though there are no details yet on ship’s damages extent.

Container ship OCEAN ABUNDANCE, IMO 9264221, dwt 7107, capacity 639 TEU, built 2003, flag Philippines, manager OCEANIC CONTAINER LINES INC.

Source: August 11, 2020.

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